sweeter than a chocolate box

It's true that chocolate can make us feel happy and i do have a favor for chocolate but when u see this box u'll find something that steal ur smile, u'll find something's glowing more beautiful than the lights of the city.. This is box is full of treasure and we women love treasure especially those pretty treasure..

These are my pearl collection, i'm addicted to pearl just like Holy Golightly on Breakfast at Tiffany's.. Pearl to me is sooo amazing it is is's made on a unique way..
it's so classy and elegant and timeless..
It's one of the finest things on earth..

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Wulan said...

bagi atu napa nis?! hihi
kmana ajaaa baru nongol lagiii??? :(

riesta said...

wew,,,koleksinya banyaaak

Hocus Pocus by PAULA said...

what a nice collection, come n see our collection

Anis said...

to wulan-> kemaren males dan ga sempet uu