Rain in the Morning

Bolero Yellowline/Hondstooth legging Banana/Brown top mom's/Pattern Shawl mom's/white tight shirt mom's/Brown wedges calliope
The Rain drops so hard thiz mornin', i guess it's time to bring out my winter collection.. Feels like in NYC beside all puddles and "tanah becek" LOl... ugh that thing's really ruin my imagination.. ;) Anyway are u ready for some holiday? What's ur plan?
Next two weeks are still in sale parade, sooooooooo don't forget to grab sum cool thing

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Wulan said...

anisssss knapa kok bikin blog baruu???

sweetest girl from the tropic said...

Account gmail gw yang lama gak bisa di buka jadi blognya gak bisa di buka juga deh u.

Wulan said...

ya Alloh kasian amat lu nis.