Just Face it

The holiday is over & the final test has been waiting at the end of this month. Since that, i'm trying to be a good girl & won't let anything messed up..
I feel like just a month ago i entered the university, but the fact is it's been almost six-month already.. How fast is the time goes by!!!!!!!!!!!

Outwear pasar senen/navy tank top super T/skirt pasar senen/bangles ITC mangga Dua/neclace ITC mangga Dua/houndstooth legging Banana/Flats shoes Calliope @ Debenhams

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AudreyAllure said...

cute shoes!

love your blog! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

Anis said...

thankss honeeeyy, ;)

onic said...

anisss! you're the only one who guessing it right :)
i love going to church :D:D
exchange link, darling?
will add yours in minute :)

F i K a said...

nice legging aniis :)

Anis said...

To onic --> yours already on my links

fika--> thanks sis :)

Fenny said...

i love your shoes, anyway good luck for your test!

sii miemi said...

well i was follow ur blog and mind if follow back and exchange link??

Susan said...

thank you for the comment :]
love your outfit dear!!


Anis said...

to Fenny & Susan => merci beacoup

to sii miemi => sure i'll follow yours