it might be forgotten

wazzup peeps!!!!! do u guys still remember me??? ahahaha i think i might be forgotten, just like i forget to update this blog.. I was just really busy & tired at that time..
yeess u guys can call me a bad blogger, indeed I am..

Now it's just the time for me to back to this society to blog a lot and to share a lot with u guuys..

Just a week ago I just made contact again with my junior high friends, some of them are barely to meet so i was so delighted that we plan to have a holiday and visit their dorms in Bandung..
The best thing i realize is that i really do miss them especially when we looked back how naughty we were in the past.. we caused so much trouble and we were such a powerful girls group..
Teenagers could be so fuunny and sooo silly to remember.. LOL

PS : Ajeng, Inggrid, Citbond, Erlin, Niken, Dita & Meity i miss u and i love u ladies..
we'll meet up next month hopefully. <3

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