Happy Independence Day Indonesian fellas!!!

Today sixty five years later we Indonesian declared our Independence day, August 17 1945 has been the most historical day.. 65 years has passed, how far our country has improved?
Have u done anything for development??
and the most essentials is, are u proud being Indonesian???
If that question is asked to me my answer will be "i am sad and concern about so many things here but i still very proud being an Indonesian"
I'm sad and concern with corruption thing, the poverty and human rights
we all know that injustice is happen a lot of time, terrorism still haunting us..
What would happen to our country if something like this couldn't be solved? We might gonna sell our island one by one and we're gonna lose our energy resources..
Of course we don't wanna let that happen but we need to hold our hands together to make a change, as a youngsters and successor generation we have to provoke our country from poverty, corruption and other bad things..
Happy Independence Day to our Nation!!!!!!! Merdeka atau Mati

FYI : hocuspocus got new collection for this month, let's celebrate ramadhan and independence day with new outfit from hocuspocus

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Wulan said...

iye si odoy kaga ikut kemaren, katanya ada acara sama Gaank+keluarganya..
eh, kaga ngerti gw nis, maksudnya ada web Gogirl tiap minggu apaan??

Wulan said...

aniiisss, akyu punya award niihh buat kamuu... liat blog uu yah! :D
oyak, mohon maaf lahir batiinn... :D

Majalah Masjid Kita said...

selamat hari kemerdekaan kalau begitu :)

mumpung nih mbak :) FLP (Forum Lingkar Pena) Jakarta kini tengah membuka pendaftaran anggota baru untuk Angkatan ke-16, mungkin mbak mau join.. silahkan dan terimakasih :)

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