My ups and down!!!

I wanna share u guys a little, a bit heart talking is acceptable rite??
I ain't trying to mumbling and complaining at all but what exactly i feel rite now is a regret..
I regret that i've messed up this semester, i thought everything wud be alrite, i thought that i cud keep up my GPA..
But it fact i cudn't keep up and what i got is a downfall, i feel terrible inside, i feel stupid and i don't have guts to tell my parents about this..
My parents expect me to get GPA 3.5 this semester, they looked from the last semester that i've done pretty good so they thought this semester wud be possible if i got 3.5
I don't even get 3 this semester, i never imagine how silly i can be..
i know they will be very disappointed in me..
But I regret it and i'm gonna make that happen, i'm gonna take back what I've lost and make my family proud..

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